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What we do?

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We specialize in exporting Chinese products worldwide, mainly to Latin America, the experience of years developing our business guarantee us as true experts in procurement management in China.

We provide all industrial, commercial, logistical, legal, administrative and fiscal processes of our customers who purchase, manufacture or doing business in China, offering high quality service at reasonable times and with the most competitive prices on the market, achieving lower margins error, procedures and time costs money.


We are a company comprised of a multidisciplinary team, based in Hong Kong, specializing in trading services.

We work under the most widely recognized quality control in our purchases in Asia with international standards.

We have expertise in business management thus we know how important it is to work with a serious provider, where delivery times and qualities are crucial for a good business relationship.

A customer is very hard to win but easy to lose, so we are committed to providing the highest quality service.

Why Us?

Our mission is to open the doors of a different country with many possibilities, facilitating your first steps in the business of import and prevent problems in its trade relationship with China.

To businessmen and entrepreneurs who work with us, we consider them partners and non-customers. We believe that not only we provide a service but we agreed to a deal for mutual growth.

A business with China is beneficial but complex. Achieving your first importation is not easy or quick. We handle much of the work involved to establish trade business importing products from China.

We have an extensive experience with several years in the Chinese market. We also, enjoy our work.

Want to import from china?

China offers unbeatable prices and productivity. Its growth is exciting and will help you grow. As for work, Chinese manufacturers meet the impossible contracts for other producing countries.

What we offer?

These are our main services

Advise in purchases

Our fundamental mission is to get you to have a profitable business and continued growth, which minimizes your costs and increases your profits.

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Advise in purchases

Search of suppliers

Counseling in finding qualified manufacturers and suppliers direct

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Search of suppliers

We control the quality

We ensure that the purchase of products and services meet the highest standards of quality

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We control the quality

We Coordinate your shipments

Door to door shipments for any type of small loads, this service is ideal for customers with smaller loads to a container

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We Coordinate your shipments

International Standards

We work under the most recognized quality control in our purchases in Asia with international standards.


Our main goal is that you get a profitable business and continued growth, which minimizes your costs and increases your profits and strengthens our working relationship for the future, if you grow we grow, therefore becoming your go to purchasing office in China.

  • Machinery and heavy equipment.
  • Small machinery.
  • Bicycles.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Auto parts.
  • Chemical products.
  • Tools.
  • Construction equipment.
  • Electronic household appliances.
  • Electronics
  • construction materials
  • Decoration articles
  • Equipment and accessories for bathrooms.
  • Kitchen
  • Ceramics in general.
  • Artistic ceramics.
  • Home Decor.
  • Crystal Art
  • Furniture
  • Fabric, Rattan and Iron Art
  • Horticultural products
  • Stone and iron products
  • Household items
  • Personal Care products
  • Cleaning Products
  • Watches
  • Optical instruments.
  • Toys
  • Gifts and prizes.
  • Party products
  • Home textiles.
  • Raw materials for textiles and fabrics.
  • Carpets and upholstery.
  • Food
  • Natural Products
  • Medicine and Health products
  • Medical devices.
  • Disposables
  • Office
  • Shoes, wallets and handbags.

If your product is not listed above, contact us


Where we are?

Alsama Trading has offices in Hong Kong and branch office in China. Due to its geographical location it makes it ideal for both production and shipping products to the place.

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Our Offices



Punta Pacifica, Torre de las Américas, Torre B, piso 15, oficina Grupo Alsama
Telf: +507-282.74.17
Fax: +507-282.73.01


8413 Rosemead Blvd. Pico Rivera. CA. 90660
Telf: 00 1 (562) 842-0744


Avenida intercomunal Turmero Maracay, redoma La Julia, frente a plaza Las Banderas, sector La Julia - Turmero
Telf: (+58) 244.6636453 / 6635626

Calle Cajigal, sector La Hacienda, C.C Star Center, Local 9, PB. Cagua Edo. Aragua
Telf: (+58) 244.3954573

AV milagro Norte, Edif Bayona T6 , piso 1 oficina 1-A
Telf: (+58) 0261.6357228 / (+58) 414.0640325
AV la Engranzonada Sector la Y Edif Canaima PB Oficina 02, Villa del Rosario-Zulia
Telf: (+58) 263.4510586


Calle 90 Nª 12 – 28, piso 3, Oficina 61, Sector Chico, Bogotá. oficina Alsama Colombia
Telf: +57-163.86900


16 de Septiembre N. 1040, local 12, Jeronimo Chicahualco C.P. 52170, Metepec
Telf: +722-688.6113


Jiron Cabana 278 int 302, Urbanización Mercuri – los olivos; lima Perú, oficina Alsama Perú
Telf: +51-150.41414


Zona franca industrial da Madeira, Pav. A mod. 3 plataforma 4 Oficina DBMN, Lda, Alsama Portugal
Telf: +351-966.699895 / 291.961022


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